Marie Williams Law LLC collaborates with trial counsel to help devise legal strategies, write critical motions, and work on appeals. We act as Your Appellate Partner.

Trial lawyers possess a unique skill set. Their strengths often lie in fact development and talking to juries. Appellate lawyers have their own unique skill set. Their strengths often lie in complex legal analysis and writing, and talking to judges about the law. By partnering with trial lawyers, we can free up their time to focus on what they do best — trials. And we do what we do best — writing and talking about the law.

  • We can help devise a comprehensive legal strategy at the beginning of a case, particularly in cases that present novel or complex issues.
  • We can write significant motions — that are both concise and persuasive — throughout the case. This could be a motion to dismiss, motion for summary judgment, class certification briefing, Daubert motion, significant motion in limine, post-trial motions, or anything else where you could use writing assistance.
  • We can help at trial to make sure that issues are properly preserved for appeal.
  • And of course we can help with all aspects of the appeal process, in both intermediate courts of appeal and in courts of last resort.

Let us be Your Appellate Partner!